Kailey Holt

Interview with Kailey Holt, a double major in Accounting and Finance:

University of Idaho Career Center Success Story Student Kailey HoltKailey Holt is a sophomore at the University of Idaho with a double major in Accounting and Finance. She plans to graduate in the spring of 2016, but is currently taking steps to begin her career. With the help of the Career Center, Kailey landed a summer internship with Target where she will be spending 10 weeks focusing on Asset Protection and Management in Boise, ID. Kailey got her internship by attending the fall 2013 Job, Internship, and Grad School Fair.

In an interview with the Career Center, Kailey stated:

“The Career Center helped me prepare for a job interview by asking me questions that I could potentially be asked in a real interview. It was very helpful to talk to someone and get comfortable with the interview process. The interview that I had with Target was focused primarily on situational questions, so it was nice to have practice answering those types of questions without the pressure of a real interview and be able to prepare my answers ahead of time. The Career Advisor was able to tell me what information the interviewer would want to hear and what information I could leave out, so I didn’t end up talking in circles.”

“I attended the Nike Info Session that the Career Center hosted. It was really helpful and fun to listen to because it opened my eyes to the different possibilities of what you could do inside a job. The speaker highlighted so many things that I had never thought of and it was really interesting to hear first hand about his experience at a large, well-known company. Because of that experience, I hope to someday become a financial advisor in the top level of finance management.”

“I would recommend using the Career Center and its resources because the job market is a scary world and you really have no idea what is available for you as a prospective employee. By visiting the Career Center it really gives you an idea of what is out there and what is available, and it just gives you that comfort level of what to expect.”

-Kailey Holt, University of Idaho Student