Courtney Creech

Interview with Courtney Creech a Mathematics Major with a Computational Emphasis:

University of Idaho Career Center Success Story Student Courtney CreechCourtney Creech is a senior at the University of Idaho. She is planning to graduate in May 2014 with a B.S. of Mathematics with a Computational Emphasis. With the help of the Career Center, she landed two job offers after the fall 2013 Job Fair. Now she hopes to return to the UI Job Fairs as a recruiter and find more awesome Vandals.

In an interview with the Career Center, Courtney stated:

“The Career Center has helped me a lot. I have used some of the flyers they have, like the ’15 Most Common Interview Questions’, the Cover Letter Template, and the Resume Template. I also met with one of the Career Center Advisors to improve my resume. She told me to put my GPA on my resume and you cannot believe how helpful that was.”

“I attended the Job Fair Prep Workshop and learned what to expect and how to prepare for talking to employers. The workshop was definitely the most helpful because it prepared me for the Job Fair more than I would have on my own. For example, I wouldn’t have led with my name and a 30 second pitch about why I’m important if I hadn’t attended the workshop.”

“It was my first time attending a Job Fair, and I ended up having two interviews the week of the Job Fair and two job offers by December. I met with a Career Center Advisor again and had her help me weigh the pros and cons of each offer.”

“I recommend that students take their resumes in to be reviewed by someone at the Career Center. They will tell you what will help you and what might hurt you. Students should take their advice, but shouldn't be afraid to stick with a couple things that are their own.”

-Courtney Creech, University of Idaho Alumna