Austin Warren

Interview with Austin Warren, U-Idaho Alumnus and Teach For America Corps Member:

University of Idaho Career Center Success Story Student Austin Warren"As I was preparing the initial stages of my application to Teach for America, I met with the staff of the U of I Career Center multiple times in order to review and improve both my resume and my letter of intent.  The process was incredibly informative and helpful.  In fact, the lessons I learned during these sessions about how to present myself in writing I still keep and use today!"

"Throughout the application process, I continued to seek guidance from the staff at the Career Center.  Two weeks before my in-person interview, I participated in a mock-interview.  I was abysmal!  However, I credit the mock-interview with spurring me to really invest myself in the process, and fully research everything I needed to prepare myself for in order to do well.  By the time I participated in the real interview, I was so well-prepared that my interviewer told me that I sounded like I had already been a teacher!"  

"In large part due to the helpfulness and support of the staff in the Career Center, I was able to call myself a Teach For America corps member in the fall of 2011.  For the next two years, I taught 7-12 science in an under-resourced school in central Arkansas, and was able to help ensure that all students in our country are able to have access to an excellent education."

"Now, as a staff member with Teach For America, I am able to work with the Career Center again in the effort to inspire a new generation of Vandals to serve as teachers and leaders in low-income communities throughout the country.   I feel a debt of gratitude to the staff for all they’ve done to help support me after my graduation.  Now, I’m excited to ensure that other students receive the same opportunities!"

-Austin Warren, University of Idaho Alumnus