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Internship Credit 101

Thorough hands-on work, internships can be a valuable learning experience that complements and adds value to your academic studies.  Although not all majors require students to earn internship credit, all students are strongly encouraged to participate in at least one credit-bearing or a non-credited internship before graduating.

  • Should I get credit for my internship?

    Many UI majors do not require an internship.  Check with your Degree Audit or academic advisor to see if your degree requires an internship.  


    • Credit toward degree requirements – Your internship is recorded on you academic transcript and can be used toward your degree and elective requirements.
    • Quality control – The instructor for your internship credit will review the quality of your internship work to determine if it is related to your field of study or your future career.
    • Stronger connection between coursework and internship – The assignments you will be submitting for your internship credit will help you reflect on how you are applying the knowledge you learned in class to this hands-on work experience.


    • Cost – You must register and pay for internship credits just as you do for all other classes you take.  Credit must be earned during the term that you are doing your internship.   Summer credits are charged on a per-credit basis.  Check with the Summer Sessions office for the cost of summer credits.
    • Additional Assignments – In addition to the work you will be performing at your internship site, you will also need to submit additional assignments in order to receive internship credit.  These additional assignments are determined by your department’s internship credit coordinator.

  • What do I need to do to get credit for my internship?
    1. Schedule a meeting to talk with your department’s internship credit coordinator.
    2. Gather information about your internship for your internship credit coordinator.  Be prepared to provide a copy of your offer letter, job description, start/end dates of your internship, number of hours you will be working, company & supervisor information. 
    3. Meet with your internship credit coordinator.  Provide them with the details of your internship.  Discuss assignments and deadlines (documentation of experience, performance evaluations, required assignments, deadlines, etc.). 
    4.  Register and pay for your internship credit during the semester you are performing your internship.  After reviewing the internship details that you have provided, the internship credit coordinator will determine if your internship is worthy of academic credit.  If approved for credit, you will be notified of the internship section you will register and how many credits.
    5. Successfully complete all internship assignments by the deadlines given to you by your internship credit coordinator.

  • Whom do I talk to about getting credit for my internship?
    Internship credit is granted by your academic department.  Each department assigns a faculty coordinator to work with interns from that department.  Check with your academic advisor or department secretary to find out who you need to talk to about getting internship credit.
  • Is my job/internship eligible for internship credit?
    Not all summer or part-time jobs will qualify for internship credit.  The closer your internship work is aligned with your field of study, the better your chances for being approved for internship credit.  As a rule of thumb, internship experiences typically provide students with the opportunity to:
    • Develop industry relevant and/or transferable skills
    • Gain experience in a professional environment and learn about career opportunities.
    • Apply classroom learning to their internship responsibilities.
    • Learn about specific occupations and employers.
    • Clarify their academic and career goals.
    • Develop a better understanding about their strengths, weaknesses, and interests.
    When you meet with your department internship credit coordinator, be sure to clearly explain how your internship addresses the bullet items above.

  • How many credits can I get for my internship?

    According to the regulation D-1 in the UI General Catalog, one internship credit represents 40-45 hours of work. The more hours you will be interning, the more credits you are eligible for. Your department’s internship credit coordinator will determine how many internship credits you can register for.