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Creating a CV versus a Resume

When developing a resume for a graduate or professional school application, there are a few differences from a traditional resume. If you are a graduate student with a master’s or other graduate degree and you are pursuing another graduate degree, you will most likely want to create a curriculum vitae (CV). If you are asked for a CV, be sure to give them a CV. However, if you are an undergraduate student applying to graduate or professional school for the first time, you may want to create an expanded resume that incorporates some features from a CV while keeping the main structure of a resume.

  • Sections to Include or Expand Upon for a Graduate/Professional School Resume
    Include these sections in addition to a traditional resume. Also include experiences you have that are relevant to the schools to which you are applying.

    • Projects – Graduate and professional schools are more interested in seeing your undergraduate projects than a typical employer. Feel free to add or expand this section of your graduate/professional school resume to discuss any relevant group projects, major class projects, or capstone projects.
    • Undergraduate Research – Graduate and professional schools want to hear about any research experiences you have had during your undergraduate career. Give these experiences their own section on your graduate/professional school resume, and be sure to discuss the findings and results of your research.
    • Teaching Experience – Most schools will be interested in all of your teaching experiences. If you taught or instructed individuals in any way (e.g., tutoring, giving lessons, classroom experience), it is pertinent to discuss on your graduate/professional school resume.
    • Publications – If you have any publications, research or otherwise, they will stand out to graduate and professional schools and should be included in your graduate/professional school resume.
    • Conferences – If you have attended or presented at any conferences in your field, graduate and professional schools want to know. Be sure to include these on your graduate school resume.

  • Resume Rules to Break and to Follow for Graduate/Professional School Resumes
    While the suggestions below are generally true, it is crucial to pay attention to what each school is looking for and follow their instructions exactly!

    Rules to Break
    • Feel free to allow your graduate/professional school resumes' length to be greater than one page. 
    • Provide more detail than a typical resume; expand on your action verb statements.
    Rules to Follow
    • Use different headings to highlight each section of relevance for the schools to which you are applying.
    • Tailor each resume/CV you send to that specific school.
    • Be organized and consistent in your formatting.
    • Find more resume tips and examples.

Resume Tips and Examples

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Graduate or Professional School Resume Example

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