Values & Preferences

What are my work values/preferences?

Assessment Name

Area Assessed

Time (approx.)


1-5 Stars

Career Competency Explorer (


Values, Interests, and Personality

10-20 minutes


DISCOVER-Come to the Career Center or the Counseling and Testing Center  for a login token

Compiles Interests, Abilities, and Values

30 minutes


Future Proof Your Career



Workplace preferences, learning and thinking styles

10-15 minutes


JASPER (Job Asset and Strengths Profiler)



8 Different Job-Related Areas like Values, Environment, and Personality

25 minutes


MAPP (Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential) Career Analysis



Interests, Work Values, and Personality

15 minutes

¶¶ ½

Princeton Review Career Quiz



Interests and Work Style

5-10 minutes


Right Job, Wrong Job from



Career Personality and Occupational “Best Fit”

5-10 minutes


Work Preference Inventory




5-10 minutes