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What is FOCUS 2?


FOCUS 2 is a great tool to help students with major and career decision-making.  It is designed to help college students assess and evaluate their skills and interests in order to define career and educational goals. Students can take online assessments ranging from work interest to skills—these evaluations help pinpoint strengths to better match academic and career options.  Users may also evaluate career readiness by listing career/educational goals, academic strengths, and work experience.  Other tools available allow students to research careers by comparing majors, explore occupations by industry, and seek out jobs or internship opportunities.  FOCUS 2 is an online tool that allows the student to work toward a desired career at his or her own pace.

How do I access FOCUS?

First Time User Button

Return User Button

First-Time Users:

Use the Access Code: Vandals 

If you are first time user you will need to complete the student self-registration form. Use the link to complete the student registration form (Access Code: Vandals). Remember to write down your user name and password so you can access the system later! 

Returning Users:

  1. Log-in to FOCUS using your username and password that you created when you first accessed FOCUS.
  2. Once you have taken the assessments within FOCUS 2, make an appointment to have it reviewed with a Career Center advisor.  Our advisors can help you better understand your assessment results, give you suggestions on how to explore your career/major options, and help you identify your next steps.

Using FOCUS 2:

  1. Self-Assessments – For best results, take all 5 assessments in this section.  Based on your responses to these assessments, FOCUS 2 will generate a list of occupations for you to explore.  If you have questions or don’t agree with the recommended occupations on your list, schedule an appointment to meet with a Career Center advisor to review your results (Idaho Commons 334, 208-885-5867).
  2. Explore the Possibilities – You can learn more about the different career options on your list in this section.  If you’re not sure what careers you can do you’re your major, check out the ‘What can I do with a major in…?’ assessment!
  3. Create A Plan to Achieve Your Objectives – This section lets you create your own career development action plan.  Schedule a time to meet with a Career Center advisor to help you create your plan.  You are only a few short years from graduation.  Begin your career planning early so you can get all of the skills and experiences you need to be a strong job candidate when you graduate!
  4.  Your Career Portfolio – Save your favorite careers and major options to your portfolio for quicker access to the things you’re most interested in.


At any step in your career exploration process, if you are uncertain about what to do next or have any questions, remember that Career Center advisors are available to meet with you.  Just stop by or call to set up an appointment (Idaho Commons 334, 208-885-6121).