Shared Leave


Any benefit-eligible employee who has a health condition, or whose immediate family member has such a condition, causing the employee to need time away from work may apply for shared leave as long as the time away from work is a qualified absence. During this time, the employee will not be compensated by paid leave or wage replacement programs such as Short/Long Term Disability or Workers’ Compensation benefits.

The employee requesting the shared leave must first apply for wage replacement benefits that may be available through workers' compensation or disability coverage. Once such benefits begin, eligiblity for shared leave benefits end.


Employees who have an accrued annual leave balance may donate to the shared leave program. Donations may be made to the shared leave pool and accessed by any eligible recipient or donated directly to a specific shared leave recipient.



An employee must have used all other available leave such as sick leave, annual leave, and compensatory time to qualify as a recipient of shared leave.


Employees with annual leave balances above 40 hours are eligible to donate to the shared leave pool or direct donation. Annual leave donations are restricted to direct donations if the donor’s annual leave is less than 40 hours from the maximum leave accrual limit.

How to Apply or Donate


Complete the "Shared Leave Application Form" and obtain Physician’s documentation andreturn to Benefit Services.


Complete the "Shared Leave Donation Form" and return to Benefit Services.


The maximum shared leave benefit is limited to 4 working weeks of leave within a rolling 12 month period. Shared leave hours that are granted will be reflective of the employee’s regular percentage of appointment.


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Shared Leave

  • How do I know what my current leave balance is?

    Log onto VandalWeb, click on the Employee tab, then click on Leave Details under the Employment Details tab.

  • When do I need to turn my application in?

    Prior to the webtime entry deadline for the pay period in which you need the shared leave. Please see the Payroll Deadline chart for the deadline dates.

  • Why would a donation be denied?

    If a direct donation was placed and the recipient wasn’t eligible, the donation wouldn’t be processed; however, you would be notified.

  • What is the maximum Annual Leave that I can accrue?

    Please refer to the Sick and Annual Leave chart.

  • How do I record Shared Leave?

    You will be advised upon approval which codes to use for webtime entry.

  • When I'm receiving Shared Leave, am I protected under FMLA?

    You must apply for FMLA separately; however, the medical documentation can be used for both FMLA and Shared Leave.

  • What is the maximum amount of Shared Leave available to use?

    If approved, you can use up to 4 working weeks within a rolling 12 month period.

  • Can Shared Leave be used intermittently?

    Typically, no.  Shared Leave is designed for employees who have no other source of wages (including partial salary).  However, if you are in need of Shared Leave intermittently, you may apply for it and appeal the decision if necessary.  There are no guarantees that your appeal will be approved.  It will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

  • Is there a maximum amount of Annual Leave that I can donate?

    Yes, you must not let your annual leave bank to fall below 40 hours.

  • Do I have to donate a full day or can I just donate an hour?

    You can donate down to 0.5 hour increments.

  • Can someone else complete the Shared Leave forms on my behalf?

    Yes, if you are unable to complete the Shared Leave application, your supervisor or family member can complete it for you.

  • Can I donate Sick Leave instead of Annual Leave?

    No, only Annual Leave is allowed for donation through the Shared Leave program.

  • Do I have to apply for other income replacement benefits to be eligible?

    If you are requesting Shared Leave for your own serious illness or injury, then yes.  One of the requirements of the program is that you have applied for other income replacement.  Shared Leave is only available until another benefit begins.

    If the request is for a family members serious illness or injury, that requirement is waived.