Education Benefits for Employees and Their Spouses


The Education Privilege allows benefit-eligible employees* and their spouses to enroll in University of Idaho courses for reduced fees. Benefit-eligible employees may apply for educational benefits from date of hire into the benefit-eligible position.

The educational privilege is available to spouses of benefit-eligible employees; however, it is not available to children of University employees.

Academic Credit Limits


Employees may enroll in up to:

  • 6 credits per semester
  • 3 credits during summer session
  • 3 credits per year in intersession courses


A spouse who is also an eligible employee cannot register for more academic credits than other employees are entitled to under Section 3740 of the Faculty Staff Handbook.

Registration Forms

Submit Forms To:

Business and Accounting Services
Cashiers Window SUB Room 125
Moscow, ID 83844-4250.

Reciprocal Education Agreements

Reciprocal education agreements allow University of Idaho employees and their spouses to take courses for reduced fees at the following:

  • Boise State University (employee only)
  • Idaho State University (employee only)
  • Lewis-Clark State College

Each institution has their own limitations to the reciprocal agreements. Check with the particular institution to see if there are any limitations that would apply to you.

Non-University of Idaho Employees

Employees of other State of Idaho higher education institutions may attend classes at the University of Idaho using their reciprocal education agreement. This includes employees from:

  • Boise State University
  • Idaho State University
  • Lewis-Clark State College

Benefit Limitations

  • Full fees and applicable tuition are charged for those credits that exceed the specified limits.
  • The educational privilege of reduced rates is not available to spouses or children of employees.
  • The educational privilege does not extend to full-time students, whether or not they are teaching or research assistants, or to their spouses.
  • Fee waivers do not extend to courses taught exclusively via extended education methods [i.e. web, hybrid, video-conferencing and other technologies]
  • The benefit is limited to degree-seeking students only.

Submit Forms To:

Student Accounts/Cashiers
SUB - Room 125
875 Perimeter Drive MS 4250
Moscow, Idaho 83844-4250

Policy and Resources

*The definition of benefit-eligible employee is someone on board appointment, working half-time or greater for at least 5 consecutive months.