The University of Idaho offers Aflac Supplemental Insurance to its employees through payroll deduction. Supplemental Insurance pays in addition to, and on top of, any other insurance you have. While your regular insurance pays the doctor, Aflac pays cash benefits directly to YOU!

Aflac Policies

View the Aflac policies. If you have questions, are interested in applying for one of these policies, or if you want to hear about the other policies available, email Jan Pollard or call (208) 765-1380.

Important Notice

6/15/2012: New mail scam uses Aflac's name on checks

The scam claims that recipients have won money in an international lottery, and the checks are supposedly meant to cover the taxes they have to pay on the prize.  Recipients are urged to deposit the bogus checks into their bank accounts, and then wire a portion of the money back to claim the remainder of their prizes.

Aflac is not associated with any lottery, and they would never require a wire transfer prior to remitting a legitimate claims payment.  If you encounter this scam, please email a copy of the letter and the check to