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The University offers financial protection through its life insurance benefits. The Standard Insurance Company is the insurance carrier and administrator.

The University automatically provides Basic Life Insurance coverage equal to one times your pay. Additional life insurance benefits are available for you, your spouse, and eligible dependent children. Elections for your Optional Spouse Life Insurance and Dependent Life Insurance cannot exceed the combined amount of your Basic and Optional Life Insurance election.

Tobacco Usage Affects Life Insurance Costs

Optional and Spouse Life Insurance rates are based on tobacco usage, which you’ll report when you enroll for benefits. If you or your spouse are tobacco users when you enroll, but you later enroll in a tobacco cessation class, lower life insurance rates will be charged beginning in the next plan year. If you need to change your tobacco user status, please email the Benefits Department.

How to Submit Evidence of Insurability (EOI)

To submit an EOI, complete the life insurance health evidence questionnaire available on the Standard website. Coverage and payroll deductions will begin after EOI is approved by The Standard Insurance Company. While your EOI is under review, you will be enrolled in your prior coverage election, or guaranteed amount, whichever is more. EOI approval can take up to six months.

University of Idaho plan number: 649326 

(needed when completing EOI form)

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NCPERS Life Insurance

(National Conference of Public Employees Retirement Systems)

Please note: Employees who elect this optional insurance MUST be enrolled in the PERSI retirement plan.

The Public Employees Retirement System of Idaho (PERSI) contracts with Prudential for the Public Employees Group Life Insurance (PEGLI) supplemental plan.  The PEGLI benefit consists of an employee life and accident insurance combination that decreases in value as the employee ages.   There is also coverage for spouses and dependent children.

Employees can enroll within 90 days of date your employment began or during an open enrollment period thereafter, usually during October. 

For more information, please download the NCPERS packet

Contact Information:
The Standard Life Insurance Company                            
(800) 628-8600

HealthSmart Benefit Solutions, Inc
(800) 525-8056