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Three-Quarter Time Rates At-a-Glance

Three-Quarter Time Per Pay Contributions for Medical Plans for 2015

Coverage Tier Standard PPO HDHP with HSA
Employee Only $99.46 $67.01
Employee and Spouse or Other Eligible Adult* $208.86 $140.72
Employee and Child $139.25 $93.82
Employee and Children $210.86 $142.07
Employee and Family
Includes Spouse or Other Eligible Adult* and Child(ren)
$280.49 $188.98

*Current tax law requires you pay federal income and Social Security taxes on the full value of the coverage for other eligible adults and their children, unless they qualify as your tax dependent for purposes of tax-free health coverage. The value of the coverage will be included in your gross income and reported as imputed income on your W-2 form.

*Contributions are not pro-rated at any time.