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Student ID "Vandal Card"

How to get your Vandal Card student ID

If you are registered for classes, you can get your Vandal Card. Vandal Cards are issued at the Vandal Card Office in room 124 of the Student Union Building, which is across from Student Accounts/Cashiers. Bring your official ID, such as your driver's license/permit or State ID, or even a passport, so that we may properly identify you. We will not process your card without picture identification.

The Vandal Card serves many purposes on campus, such as:

Vandal Card as a Debit Card

The Vandal Card can also used as a debit card for purchasing University goods and services. There are also discounts for using your Vandal Card debit account. Discounts include:

  • 5% discount on used textbooks at the UI Bookstore
  • 5% discount at all University dining locations
  • 20% discount at laundry facilities in the residence halls
  • 10-30% discount on self-serve copies with Vandal Card readers