Fall 2015 | To-Do List

Arriving in August 2015 to begin your college adventure? Then this is the list for you! We've designed it to help you make the most of your time between now and then. Click the items listed below to learn more about each of your to-dos and check back often for new additions to the list.

Your To-Do List

  • 1. Set up your Vandal accounts.
    Setting up your Vandal accounts as soon as possible ensures that you will receive crucial information on important updates about financial aid, billing, housing, registration, deadlines and more.

    Be sure to check your VandalWeb and VandalMail accounts frequently to make sure you don't miss important information.

    VandalWeb is important because it allows you access to your transcripts, student account, add/drop class forms, registration and many other important items that will help with your success at the University of Idaho. 

    VandalMail is important because it is the official email used by your professors, academic advisor, and the different university departments to communicate important dates and information with you.

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  • 2. Explore your on-campus housing options.
    All first year students are required to live on campus, as on-campus living is proven to help you succeed. So, if you haven’t already, check out the many great housing options on our beautiful residential campus. Choose from our residence halls, Greek houses, or the women’s co-op, Steel House. 

    Apartments and Family Housing options are available for students who meet certain criteria.

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  • 3. Check back for updates to your to-do list.
    Make sure to check back often to ensure that you have the latest information about the University of Idaho.

    We will keep you informed of important dates and activities as they approach to ensure a smooth transition to the University of Idaho. 
  • 4. Connect and stay updated with the university through social media.
    Its tough being in a new place. Get connected with student groups, university organizations and events going on in Moscow and at the university through social media. 

     Share your experiences and learn about #UIdaho through pictures on Instagram

    Stay up to date on the experiences you've had at #UIdaho through Facebook

    Get the latest information about #UIdaho on Twitter

    Experience the action at the University of Idaho, follow the UIdaho YouTube channel.


    Interested in following a certain group on campus? Find their Facebook or other social media options on the University of Idaho Social Media Directory.