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University of Idaho Foundation

Operations and Finance Committee


The Finance Committee shall advise the Board on (i) general fiscal policy, fiscal management and all operational matters including budgetary and financial issues, and (ii) the Foundation's salary pool and salary structure.


Establish and maintain a balanced budget
Accept gifts of private support for the University in compliance with Internal Revenue Code
Invest and manage gifts in accordance with Foundation policy and donor restrictions
Transfer gifts to the University in accordance with donor wishes
Manage the affairs of the Foundation using a variety of funding sources


Carl Dyess, Chair
Dan Alsaker                       Laine Meyer, Chairman 
Andrew Emerson, Vice Chair   Richard Allen, Vice Chairman 
Michael Fery   Joy Fisher (Foundation) 
Karen Gowland    Ron Smith (University)
Scott Green   Bryan Norby (External Advisor) 
Valerie Heusinkveld  
Michael Hunter    
Peggy Jones    
Dr. Dayaldas Meshri    
David Poe