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University of Idaho Foundation

Investment Committee


The Investment Committee shall make recommendations regarding (i) how investments will be managed, (ii) asset allocations, (iii) direct investments, and (iv) selection of investment managers. The Investment Committee will also review the Foundation's investment portfolio performance and provide periodic reports to the Board on investment operations and results.


The Investment Committee is responsible for managing the investment process in a fiscally responsible and prudent manner with regard to preserving principal while providing reasonable investment returns.
The committee shall establish a policy to include, but not be limited to, selection of acceptable asset classes, allowable ranges of holdings in each asset class and by individual managers as a percent of assets, the determination of acceptable securities within each asset class, and investment performance expectations.
The committee will communicate in formal contracts the policy and performance expectations for each investment manager, and will review investment performance regularly to assure policy compliance. Performance will also be regularly evaluated to judge investment managers.
Selecting and terminating investment managers
Selecting, hiring and terminating investment advisory consultants.


David A. Poe, Chair
Tom Alberg                            Richard Allen, Chairman 
Richard Dahl   Karen Gowland, Vice Chairman/Secretary 
Carl Dyess    Doug Gross 
Andrew Emerson    Bob Weis (Foundation 
Michael Fery   Joy Fisher (Foundation)
Mark Fredback   Ron Smith (University)
Michael Hunter   Dean Mario Reyes (University)
William Kearns, Vice Chairman   Patrick Mitchell (External Advisor)
Laine Meyer   Tom Reveley (External Advisor)