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University of Idaho Foundation

Gift Acceptance


The Gift Acceptance Committee shall develop policies, guidelines, and procedures regarding the terms of acceptance of trust gifts, charitable gift annuities, bargain sales, and gifts of assets which are not readily marketable to be presented to the Board for approval.


Assist donors who wish to support the University in the form of a gift.
Provide due diligences steps prior to accepting a gift of real property (in addition to reviewing the appraisal provided by the donor).
Identify and recommend vendors of third party services needed to complete the due diligence required by the committee.
The committee will be responsible for the completion of the due diligence and shall normally be the point of contact for the third party vendor during the contract performance, provided there are no change orders increasing the contractual obligation of the Foundation.


Carl Berry, Chairman
Michael Bogert, Vice Chairman                           Richard Allen, Chairman 
Scott Green   Karen Gowland, Vice Chairman/Secretary
William Kearns   Sharon Morgan (University)
Doug Oppenheimer   Ron Smith (University)
Doug Gross   Bob Weis (Foundation)

Joy Fisher (Foundation)
    Shawna Lindquist (Foundation)

  Nicholas Marshall (External Advisor)

  Mike Sullivan (External Advisor)