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Advising FAQs

  • Which courses will transfer to the University of Idaho?
    The University of Idaho evaluates all college level coursework from regionally accredited institutions for transfer.  Transfer courses are evaluated on a course-by-course basis; bachelor-level courses are transferable.  Up to 70 semester credits (105 quarter credits)  from a community college may be used towards a degree at U-Idaho.  Up to 48 semester credits (72 quarter credits) in vocational or technical courses may be used towards a degree at U-Idaho.  Credit earned in bypassed courses are not transferable to U-Idaho.
  • How will courses transfer to the University of Idaho?
    Using our transfer guides, you can select the institution(s) the student is transferring from and see how the courses will transfer to U-Idaho.  If a course isn’t listed, ask the student to send the syllabus for the course to a Transfer Evaluation Specialist, and we will have it evaluated for transfer.
  • A student has completed an Associate’s degree. What general education requirements does the student still need to complete at University of Idaho?
    Students who have earned an Associate of Arts (A.A.), Associate of Science (A.S.), Associate of Arts & Sciences (A.A.S.-DTA), Associate of Business (A.B.-TDA), or other approved associate degree from a regionally-accredited institution will enter the university with their general education requirements satisfied.
  • How will a general education course completed at another institution apply to the University of Idaho general education requirements?
    If a course fulfilled a specific General Education area at the student’s previous institution, it may also fulfill that general education area at the University of Idaho. (For example, Intro to Theatre that fulfills a Humanities requirement at an institution may fulfill a Humanities requirement at U-Idaho).
  • What does the 000 course number mean in the transfer guides?
    Transfer courses given the University of Idaho number 000 transfer as elective credit.   With the approval of the student’s advisor, elective credit may be applied as a substitution to a degree program requirement.
  • A student took a 200 level course that is equivalent to a 300 level course at the University of Idaho. What should I say?
    Courses transfer to the University of Idaho on the same level as taken (lower or upper division) at the original institution.
  • A student is attending a quarter school. How do those credits transfer to the University of Idaho?
    A quarter credit is equivalent to 2/3 of a semester credit. (1 semester credit = .667 quarter credits)
  • I received an email saying one of my student’s record has been updated. What does this mean?
    Once a student’s transcript has been evaluated, you will get an email saying the student’s record has been updated. Log into VandalWeb and view the student’s transfer articulation page to see how the courses will transfer to the University of Idaho.  You should also review the student’s degree audit to see how the transfer courses will apply to your degree.  Any changes or updates to the student’s transfer work will not be reflected in the degree audit until the following day.
  • I have additional questions; whom should I contact?
    If you have questions about transfer credit, please contact the Transfer Evaluation Specialist in the Office of the Registrar.

    208-885-9220 or 208-885-2023.
    Email: transferstudents@uidaho.edu.