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Universal Perspective Poem By Angel Davila

Universal Perspective

As I walk to class, I notice the details

I see how the leaves fly in the sky as

The wind ushers them away.

I notice how all the students rush or

Drag their feet as they plunge to

Their next class.

I hear the laughter of that 11 month

Strong couple as they sit in the

Coffee shop.

I glare at the professor as he walks

In late holding his jimmy johns

Which doesn't make sense because

I thought they were freaky fast?!

As the day goes by

We all feel our own sorrows

As i stress over a breakup

Mark stresses over an exam

And Esperanza over forgetting her

Netflix password!

We all face daily hardships

Each one relative in level

As i seem calm for one

Another calm for two

And both stressed for the other

We are told that college will be the

Peak of our livelihood

And get hit with a reality shock when

We see how sad that is

Knowing it just goes down from here

How could it be that the best time of

My life

Is full of all nighters, hard exams,


Expensive books, having a part-

Time job, hundreds of pages to

Read, being in a relationship,

Having a social life, meeting with

Professors, meeting with advisors,

Applying for scholarships, getting

In exercise, calling mom and dad,

Joining clubs, going Greek,

Sleeping at LEAST 4 hours,

Practicing for that audition, and

Somewhere in between all of that,


And these people have the


To tell us that adulthood is harder

The real world won't extend a


Or have a set meal plan.

So yeah, this is as good as it gets!

But the reality is....

This is amazing.

We are on a journey to excel in life

But even better

We are here to learn how to teach

We are the next role models

As one of us proves many wrong and


5 more children gain motivation

From here on out,

People will be watching you

And it is nerve-racking

You wont be perfect

You're going to mess up

People are going to be disappointed

And others are going to laugh.

You'll be proven wrong


Professors will tell you no

You will learn that you know nothing

You may know what 2+2 is but you

Dont know how to sketch a floor


You dont know how to buy and work

With stocks

You don't know why there are

Injustices in the justice system

And thats why i love it here

Thats why ill never give up

Why i get out of bed in the morning

Even though my class is at 6:30am

Because we are the next leaders

This is the peak of our lives

Here is where we will learn how to do


Where we will learn how to MEAN something.

No go forth and be somebody

Welcome to the University of Idaho!

Angel Davila

University of Idaho Undergraduate

College of Letters, Arts, & Social Sciences 

 Angel Davila
Angel Davila University of Idaho Undergraduate College of Letters, Arts, & Social Sciences

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