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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will this project be funded?
    This project will be funded with PTS revenues. The ability to complete these projects relatively quickly (within the next 1.5 years) and to complete them simultaneously is due to the opportunity to bundle costs with university bonding activity and re-financing, currently being pursued. PTS revenues would be responsible for payment of bond debt for 10 years. Permit fee increases will not be necessary to fund the traffic calming projects. PTS is able to commit to payment of bond debt with current annual revenues. The two traffic calming projects (both 6th Street and Deakin Avenue project sites) are anticipated to cost approximately $600,000 in total, to complete the installation.

    A project like this requires several steps before reaching completion. The concepts that have been selected for further design development are just that, concepts. In order to stay within budget, installation of the project may require phasing and/or it may be determined that elements shown in the concepts are not feasible to install. Now that design concepts have been selected for each site, steps will be taken to determine what elements of the design can be completed while staying within range of the project budget, and achieving the project goals. PTS priority is to install elements of the design that meet the project goals of reducing speed of vehicles, raising awareness for motorists, and giving priority to pedestrians.
  • Did the designs consider bicycle traffic on these streets?
    There is a significant amount of bicycle traffic on both 6th Street and Deakin Avenue, so bikes were an important consideration during the development of the design concepts. The road narrowing results in 12-foot wide drive lanes on both 6th Street and Deakin Avenue, not enough width to include designated bicycle lanes. The steam tunnel located on the south side of 6th Street makes it impractical to widen the street enough to include a bike lane at that location. Additionally, there are no existing bike lanes to connect to on either 6th Street or Deakin Avenue. Growing in popularity and effectiveness in cities across the United States is the concept of shared lanes, or "sharrow". A marking in the center of the drive lane will indicate that 6th Street and Deakin Avenue are shared lanes, and that bicycles may occupy the entire drive lane.
  • When will this project be completed?
    The Deakin Avenue project will be completed in the summer of 2014 and the Sixth Street project will be completed in the summer of 2015.
  • As an alternative to traffic calming, why don't we just close the street to vehicle traffic?
    Both 6th Street and Deakin Avenue are critical routes for both City and University vehicle traffic. Closing them to vehicle traffic would create a safe and dedicated pedestrian environment, but it is essential that traffic is allowed to utilize these north-south and east-west collector streets. For this reason it is important for both streets to be open for use by vehicular traffic.
  • Will my parking permit price increase in order to fund these traffic calming projects?
    No. Parking permits will not increase for the purpose of funding projects identified within the campus Transportation Plan. However, we will continue to pursue goals established in 2009 regarding improving the pricing parity between Red and Residential permits (Silver, Purple, and Green). We will continue to seek increases for the Purple, Silver, and Green permit types until they are equal to the price of Red permits. An increase in the Residential permit price is not related to the need to fund campus transportation improvements.