N. Appeal Process

Citations received due to an extenuating circumstance may be submitted for appeal on Parking and Transportation Services website within 15 days from the date the citation was issued. After 15 days, citations may no longer be appealed and must be paid. The Parking Committee reviews and makes decisions on all citation appeals and will only review materials submitted at the time the appeal is filed. The Parking Committee meets approximately once per month to hear and review appeals. Individuals who submit appeals will be notified via email or letter via postal mail as soon as possible.

The Parking Committee decision will be based solely upon matters indicated in the citation, stated in the appeal, or introduced into evidence at an in-person appeal. The Committee will decide one of the following on all citation appeals:

  1. Uphold the citation
  2. Dismiss the citation
  3. If unique extenuating circumstances exist, based on the Committee’s discretion, the monetary penalty assessed for the citation can be reduced

Written requests for a second appeal
may be submitted if an individual is dissatisfied with the Parking Committee’s decision on the original appeal. Requests must be submitted to Parking and Transportation Services within 15 days of the original notification date. If the 15-day deadline is not met, the original decision is final. Written requests for a second appeal must contain NEW information that was not part of the original appeal. Restatement of the previous appeal will not be considered.

If an individual is dissatisfied with the second appeal decision, a written appeal may be submitted to Parking Services within 15 days of the second appeal notification date to be reviewed by the Assistant Vice President of Facilities Services. The decision made at this step is final.

Due process requirements: No member of the Committee with any personal conflict of interest or knowledge of the specific case or individual will be allowed to participate in the determination of that appeal.