E.10. Departmental Permits

Departmental permits are available for purchase by university departments only; each Departmental permit purchased will be charged to the department’s budget. There is no limit on the number purchased. A Departmental permit application must be submitted and approved by Parking and Transportation Services prior to receiving the permit. Departmental permits are intended for short-term parking for use by university employees while attending meetings at a location on campus other than their office or building. Departmental permits are not intended for daily parking, personal use, student use or visitor use and are subject to revocation for continued misuse. Departmental permits are valid for a maximum of 2.5 hours at any of the following spaces: spaces reserved for Departmental permits only, regular spaces in any colored lot, metered spaces, and timed spaces. Departmental permits are only valid in the permit holder’s “home” lot for a period not to exceed thirty (30) minutes. “Home” lot is defined as the parking lot most commonly used or most convenient to use by staff within the same department/unit. Departmental permits are NOT valid in other reserved spaces, visitor spaces, service/delivery spaces, disability spaces, campus walkway, and all other areas not designated as a parking space.