E.3. Red Permits

Red permits and Vandal Red permits are one in the same, for the purpose of these regulations. When a Red permit is referenced, it is including regular annual Red permits and Vandal Red permits, unless specified. Red permits are available for purchase by any University of Idaho faculty, staff or student. Individuals may purchase only one Red permit. Red permits are valid in all Red and Blue lots on campus. Red permits are NOT valid in Gold, Silver, Purple or Green lots, meters, any specially marked space, or on the campus walkway system. 

Vandal Red permits are non-expiring, and are available for purchase via payroll deduction only. Once purchased, the only way to stop payroll deduction for the permit is to return the physical permit to the Parking Office. If a Vandal Red permit owner leaves the University, he/she is still responsible for and will continue to be billed the current price of a Red permit until the permit is returned, unpaid balances owed will be submitted to collections.

NIGHT-TIME DIFFERENTIAL RED PERMITS: Available for half of the current price of Red permits to staff who work at night and receive a night-shift differential from the university, as specified in the Faculty/Staff Handbook, Chapter 3440, Section F. These permits are valid only during the employee’s regular work shift as specified on permit.  Night-time differential permits will have special designations on the permit.