E.2. Retiree Permits

Complimentary retiree permits are available for University of Idaho honored or emeritus Retirees. If the retiree returns to the University of Idaho to a full-time position (as defined by Human Resources and as outlined in FSH 1565.E.3.i) they are no longer eligible for Retiree parking and must purchase a permit to park on campus. Retiree permits are only to be used by the retiree or retiree’s spouse; other family members, university employees, and students are not eligible to use a Retiree permit. Improper use of the permit constitutes illegal use. Retiree permits have the same regulations as a Gold permit and are valid in all Gold, Red and Blue lots on campus. Retiree permits are NOT valid in Silver, Purple or Green lots, meters, any specially marked space, or on the campus walkway system.

Annual Retiree permits may be ordered online if a Retiree permit was ordered for the previous year and the individual remains eligible for Emeriti status, as defined in the Faculty Staff Handbook (1565.E-3.a.). If it is the first year that an individual is ordering a Retiree permit, the Parking Office needs to be informed of the Retiree status by the Human Resources department prior to being able to order the permit online.