D.10. Reserved Spaces

Personal Reserved Spaces

This section describes who is eligible for individual Reserved Parking Spaces on campus.
As directed by university administration, the following positions within the university are automatically eligible for a Reserved Parking Space. The President and/or Executive Vice President have the authority to grant exceptions to this list.

  1. President
  2. Provost
  3. Vice Presidents
  4. Vice Provosts
  5. College Deans
  6. University Counsel

Exempt Reserved Spaces

Exempt reserved spaces are spaces reserved for specific x-plate vehicles only. These spaces are available for purchase by any university department that has x-plate vehicles requiring parking 24 hours on campus. Exempt reserved spaces have signage indicating the department and that the space is for x-plates only. These spaces are enforced 24 hours. Any unauthorized vehicles parked in an exempt reserved space will be eligible for an Exempt Reserved Citation. Federal, state, local and university exempt plate vehicles are not allowed to be stored overnight on campus in any regular parking space; they must be stored overnight in a departmentally purchased reserved space or in the x-plate vehicle storage area at Facilities Services. Daytime parking (6 a.m. to 2 a.m.) for exempt vehicles is allowed in the x-plate vehicle storage area at Facilities Services, in a departmentally purchased exempt reserved space, in any regular space in any colored lot, in designated "valid campus walkway" spaces on the walkway, or at meters and/or timed spaces with no time restrictions. Exempt plate vehicles are not allowed to park in any of the following locations: disability spaces, visitor spaces, service/delivery spaces, reserved spaces for other departments or individuals, or any other specially marked space. To purchase an exempt reserved space, an application must be completed and submitted to Parking and Transportation Services.

Visitor Reserved Spaces

Spaces posted as Reserved - Visitor Permit Required, are available for visitor parking only and require display of a Visitor permit. These spaces are enforced Monday - Friday, 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. unless otherwise noted. Visitor reserved spaces are located throughout campus and as noted on the campus parking map. 

Departmental Permit Reserved Spaces

Departmental permit reserved spaces are available for employee parking with display of a Departmental permit. These spaces are intended to provide parking for employees while attending meetings or conducting work related business at a location away from the office. Departmental permits allow parking in the Departmental permit reserved spaces for 2.5 hours. These spaces are enforced Monday - Friday, 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. and are located in various locations on campus.