D.9. Restricted Areas

Campus Walkway System: The University of Idaho is intended to be a pedestrian-oriented campus. The campus core streets are closed to unauthorized traffic to provide a pedestrian walkway system. Bicycles, scooters, skateboarders, and motor vehicles that share the walkway must always yield to pedestrians and travel at walk speed at all times. All moving violations on the walkway are enforced by the Moscow Police Department. Walkway Access permits are required year-round, 24 hours a day to enter the Campus Walkway System. For the purpose of these regulations, a Walkway Access permit is defined as a permit that allows vehicular access onto the walkway and is valid for parking in one or more of the designated spaces within the campus walkway. Vendor, Service, Delivery and Disability permits are Walkway Access permits, as well as, reserved placards that are issued to individuals or departments who have designated reserved spaces within the walkway system. Parking on the Campus Walkway System is permitted only in designated/marked spaces. Spaces are marked by signage and/or paint striping. Vehicles not displaying a valid permit for walkway access, or that are not parked in a designated parking space will be eligible for a Restricted Area Citation.

For infrequent walkway access needs,
temporary Delivery permits with time restrictions are available on a case-by-case basis during office hours at the Parking Office.

Exempt vehicles may access the walkway, but it is prohibited to store an exempt vehicle on the walkway for an extended period of time, unless it is in a designated reserved space.

Lot 26 and Lot 27: Lot 26, located south of the College of Natural Resources Building, and lot 27, located north of Morrill Hall are restricted areas. Vehicles displaying Disability, Service, or Delivery permits are allowed to access and park in these two locations. Exempt vehicles and vehicles displaying a reserved placard that is issued to individuals or departments who have designated reserved spaces in these areas may also access and park in these two locations.

Areas Restricted for Event Parking Only: Certain lots or spaces may be restricted or closed prior to special events and regulated as a restricted area according to the needs of the event. These areas will be posted with signage in advance.