D.8. Pay Station Lots

Pay stations are available for use by faculty, staff, students and visitors to the University of Idaho. All vehicles parked in pay station areas must pay to park, with the exception of Departmental, Delivery, Service, Vendor, and Disability permits. Pay stations accept credit/debit cards, as well as United States quarters, nickels, dimes and dollar coins. There are no refunds given for transactions made at pay station units. Pay station areas are enforced in the same manner as parking meters. Pay station areas are marked with signage. Vehicles parked in pay station areas must display a valid payment receipt on the driver’s side window during enforcement times, as stated on signage and/or the pay station unit. Payment receipts are non-transferable between pay station lots; receipts are only valid and may only be used at the location where payment was made. Hourly rates and enforcement times vary depending on location; this information will always be posted on signage and on the pay station unit. Parking and Transportation Services may adjust hourly rates of pay station areas throughout the year in order to reach optimal utilization of spaces.

If a pay station unit is malfunctioning and one form of payment is out of order, users are expected to pay for parking via the alternative payment method. If the entire machine is reading out of order, users should pay to park using the second machine in the area; if there is no second machine in the area the pay lot will automatically convert to a No Parking area, until payment can be accepted again.

Vehicles parked in pay station areas and are not displaying valid payment receipts are eligible for a Meter Violation. Multiple citations may be issued every two hours for an expired payment receipt, with a limit of three per day. A vehicle displaying a pay station receipt that is altered in anyway will be eligible for an Illegal Use Citation.