D.6. Green Lots

Green lots are enforced at all times, year-round. There are 2 different types of Green lots; each requires a specific Green permit. Green permits are non-transferable between units and lots associated with each housing area. (e.g. Family Housing Green permits are not valid in Elmwood Green lots and vice versa).

FAMILY HOUSING GREEN LOTS: A Family Housing Green permit or a Family Housing Visitor permit is required in Family Housing Green parking lots at all times.  Overnight parking is allowed with a Family Housing Green permit or a Family Housing Visitor permit. Family Housing lots are for current residents of Family Housing only. Individuals living in units near the “serpentine” walkway system may apply for access to the walkway system through University Housing. If access is granted, Family Housing Green permits must be displayed while on the Family Housing Walkway System (serpentine) and a limit of 30 minutes will be enforced for loading/unloading at all times. Vehicles parked on the serpentine in excess of 30 minutes will be eligible for an Overtime Limit Citation.

ELMWOOD APARTMENT GREEN LOTS: An Elmwood Green permit is required in Elmwood Green parking lots at all times. Overnight parking is allowed with an Elmwood Green permit. Elmwood lots are only for current residents of Elmwood Apartments.