C.3. Meter Violation

A vehicle may be parked in a metered space only when there is remaining time displayed on the meter, or when a permit that is valid in meter spaces is displayed. If the meter is showing no time remaining, the vehicle parked is eligible for a Meter Violation. Meter Violations may be issued every two hours to a vehicle that continues to be in violation, there is a limit of three per day.  A malfunctioning meter automatically converts to a No Parking space if it is not located in a color permitted lot. If located within a color permitted lot, malfunctioning meters will revert to a regular color permitted space; the proper permit for that area must then be displayed. Vehicles parked at a meter that is malfunctioning are eligible for a No Parking Citation. There are no refunds given for coins put in meters. It is the responsibility of the driver to notify Parking Services immediately of any meter malfunction. After doing so, the driver needs to move to another vacant parking space. Individual enforcement times are posted at each meter.