B. General Violations

General violations are enforced at all times, 365 days per year.

The violation types outlined in this section (B.1 through B.17) are considered to be general regulations. Vehicles in violation of the general regulations, outlined below, are subject to citation and/or wheel lock/impound as outlined in Section O. Immobilizing or impounding a vehicle for violating the general regulations will occur if Parking and Transportation Services determines it is necessary to ensure safety, maintain access or prevent damage. Flashing hazard lights on a vehicle that is parked illegally does not prevent that vehicle from being issued a citation.

Vehicles in continuous violation of an Over Time Limit or Meter Violation may receive a citation every two hours. All other citation types may only be issued to a vehicle once per day in the same parking space. If a vehicle relocates to a different space but is still in violation of the same citation type, another citation may be issued.