Motorists can assist with making snow removal more efficient and effective on campus by adhering to the overnight parking policies during snowy conditions. Additionally, if a snow plow is working in a lot upon your arrival motorists can help by NOT parking in a space within that lot that has not yet been plowed; if a lot is being plowed when you arrive you should do one of the following:

  • Leave the lot and find parking in the next available plowed lot
  • Wait until the lot has been plowed to enter and park
  • If possible, find a space in the lot that has already been plowed, furthest away from where the snow plow is working

With excessive snow accumulation, and limited space to pile snow, snow piles may take up a few parking spaces in some lots. Street lanes may be reduced, and street curbs may have piles of snow. Parking restrictions may apply in parking lots and on-street parking areas. As the weather warms up snow removal crews will consolidate snow piles and impacted areas will be available for use again.