Conditions to Anticipate

Understanding and anticipating conditions that may occur during the winter season on campus will assist in ensuring safe travels, and a successful snow season. We ask for your cooperation and understanding.
  1. Snow plow vehicles always have the right-of-way; respect snow plow drivers and equipment; whether you are driving near them or walking near them, always give snow removal equipment plenty of room
  2. Understand that snow removal crews are working as fast as possible to clear snow and ice from sidewalks, streets, parking lots and building entrances
  3. If a large amount of snow continues to accumulate, it may take several days to fully complete snow removal in all areas, including sanding, rocking, and other ice control measures
  4. Due to limited resources, it is difficult to collect snow and haul it away, once the weather warms snow removal crews will consolidate snow piles and impacted areas will be available for use again
  5. Facilities will make frequent observations of sidewalks, entryways, stairs, parking lots, and streets to ensure travel routes are being maintained as much as possible
  6. Ice buildup on buildings will be monitored and corrective action will be taken when necessary to prevent hazardous conditions
  7. In the event of a university closure, if it is not necessary for you to be on campus, please stay at home; on university closure days Facilities will be working hard to clear campus of snow and ice so that regular university business can resume as soon as possible