Campus Snow Removal Program

The University of Idaho snow removal and ice control program addresses priorities and outlines expectations for campus constituents for snow removal, and provides guidelines for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists in regards to safe traveling and parking on campus during snow and ice conditions.

Snow removal in parking lots on campus is a joint effort completed by both Facilities and Parking and Transportation Services, with priorities set by Parking and Transportation Services. 

Facilities Services goal for snow removal on campus is to meet the transportation and mobility needs of the campus community, while working with available resources to maximize safety and ensure daily university operations continue to function successfully. Keeping this goal in mind, priorities have been set to make snow removal as efficient and effective as possible, cooperation from the campus community is required in order to meet this goal. 

Important Note: With an accumulation of four (4) or more inches at one time, it takes a minimum of two (2) days to plow all campus streets, parking lots and walkways. Snow removal crews work down the priority list until all areas are plowed.

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