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Committee Member Resources

All new IRB members are required to have a copy of their NIH training on file with the Office of Research assurances.

As of January 22, 2015, the University of Idaho Institutional Review Board is requiring all researchers working with human subjects to complete the Human Subjects Research Training through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) website. This training will take the place of the NIH Protecting Human Research Participants course. Please reference the help document below for any CITI registration questions, or contact the IRB coordinator at (208) 885-6340.

All new members should become familiar with the following policies/regulations, guidelines and SOP’s:


University of Idaho Policies:

University of Idaho Human Subjects Research Policy  FSH 5200 policy

University of Idaho IRB Committee Policy  
University of Idaho IRB Non-Compliance Policy

Federal Regulations- Common Rule:

45 CFR 46

FDA regulations:

21 CFR 50

21 CFR 56

21 CFR 312

21 CFR 812


Belmont Ethical Code

IRB Committee SOP’s

Research Practica

Exempt Reviews

Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement

Bill of Rights for Research Participants