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Committee Members

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) meets monthly. These meetings are open to the public. Should you wish to attend the meeting please contact the Office of Research Assurances to verify the meeting time and date. You may reach us at (208) 885-6162.

Name Affiliation End of Term Phone E-mail
Sharon Stoll

Faculty - Health Education P.E. Recreation and Dance
2016 885-2103 

Julie Fodor

Faculty - Center on Disabilities and Human Development 2016 885-6128  
Mary Gardiner

Faculty - Department of Leadership and Counseling 2018 (208)364-9905 
Nick Sanyal

Faculty (CNR) - Conservation Social Sciences (CSS) / Bioregional Planning and Community Design Program (BioP).  2017 885-7528  
Janice Smith-Hill

Community member 2015 882-5896
Todd Thorsteinson

Faculty - Psychology and Communication Studies

2015 885-4944
Jim May
Faculty - Department of Movement Sciences

2018 885-0355
Jennifer Walker

IRB Coordinator 2018 885-6340
 Non-Voting Members
Joseph De Angelis
Voting member for prisoner-related protocols
Prisoner Advocate 2018 885-6705
William Cone

Student Health/Counseling Ctr. 2016 885-6693
Arch Harner

Director, Research Assurances Standing Member 885-2142