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Agent Risk Group/Biosafety Level Determinations:
ABSA , NIH , BMBL 5th ed. (Section VIII Agent Summary Statements)

If you are unable to locate a documented Risk Group (RG-1, RG-2, RG-3) for an agent or unable to find a recommended containment - Biosafety Level (BSL-1, BSL-2, BSL-3) for agent/activities in the references listed above you may either contact the Biosafety Officer (BSO) or Research Assurances Manager (Certified Biosafety Professional-CBSP) for assistance or fill out the Agent Risk Assessment and Overall Risk Assessment documents and submit them with the Biosafety Form as documentation. These resources are available in the BSL-2 Manual Template.  The NIH Guidelines require a risk assessment to assist in the appropriate determination when information is not readily available from a standard resource.

Biosafety Program Brochure (UI) 

BSL-1 Biosafety Manual Template (includes BSL-1 lab and green house facility review checklists)

BSL-2 Biosafety Manual Template

BSL-2 Lab Facility Review Checklist

BSL-3 Lab Facility Review Checklist

Risk Assessment UI Document



Biosafety Cabinet Resources
ABSA Position Paper on the Use of Ultraviolet Lights in Biological Safety Cabinets
AIHA – BSC Safety Information
Baker Company – Introduction to Biological Safety Cabinets
Biosafety Cabinet Video
BMBL Biosafety Cabinet Appendix A (5th ed.)
CDC / NIH 3rd ed. “Primary Containment for Biohazards”:
FDA: Bioresearch monitoring
FDA Office of Regulatory Affairs
Ohasis – CDC Office of Health & Safety
NUAIRE How to select a BSC
NSF Biosafety Cabinet Accreditation Standards


Other Resources
CDC permits
DOT Department of Transportation Regulations 
Dual Use Reseach from OBA-youtube educational video 
Dual Use Research - NPR
First aid Kit Supply List
US Fish and Wildlife Permits
USDA-APHIS Biotechnology (Permits, Notifications and Petitions)
USDA/APHIS/ Import Export Information
USDA e-Permits
USDA Plant Organism and Soil Permits
USDA  Animal and Vet Biological Permits