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Agent Risk Group/Biosafety Level Determinations:
ABSA , NIH , BMBL 5th ed. (Section VIII Agent Summary Statements)

If you are unable to locate a documented Risk Group (RG-1, RG-2, RG-3) for an agent or unable to find a recommended containment - Biosafety Level (BSL-1, BSL-2, BSL-3) for agent/activities in the references listed above you may either contact the Biosafety Officer (BSO) or the Office of Research Assurances for assistance. Alternatively, you may fill out the Agent Risk Assessment and Overall Risk Assessment documents and submit them with the Biosafety Form as documentation. These resources are available in the BSL-2 Manual Template. The NIH Guidelines require a risk assessment to assist in the appropriate determination when information is not readily available from a standard resource.

Biosafety Program Brochure (UI) 

BSL-1 Biosafety Manual Template (includes BSL-1 lab and green house facility review checklists)

BSL-2 Biosafety Manual Template

BSL-2 Lab Facility Review Checklist

BSL-3: Please contact the Biosafety Officer or the Office of Research Assurances for assistance.

Risk Assessment UI Document



Biosafety Cabinet Resources
ABSA Position Paper on the Use of Ultraviolet Lights in Biological Safety Cabinets
AIHA – BSC Safety Information
Baker Company – Introduction to Biological Safety Cabinets
Biosafety Cabinet Video
BMBL Biosafety Cabinet Appendix A (5th ed.)
CDC / NIH 3rd ed. “Primary Containment for Biohazards”:
FDA: Bioresearch monitoring
FDA Office of Regulatory Affairs
Ohasis – CDC Office of Health & Safety
NUAIRE How to select a BSC
NSF Biosafety Cabinet Accreditation Standards


Other Resources
CDC permits
DOT Department of Transportation Regulations 
Dual Use Reseach from OBA-youtube educational video 
Dual Use Research - NPR
First aid Kit Supply List
US Fish and Wildlife Permits
USDA-APHIS Biotechnology (Permits, Notifications and Petitions)
USDA/APHIS/ Import Export Information
USDA e-Permits
USDA Plant Organism and Soil Permits
USDA  Animal and Vet Biological Permits