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Committee Members

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) meets monthly during the week of the third Tuesday. Meeting times and protocol submission deadlines for the spring semester can be found on the Forms page. Should you wish to attend the meeting please contact the Office of Research Assurances to verify the meeting time and date. You may reach us at (208) 885-6162.

Name Affiliation End of Term Phone E-mail
Barrie Robison
Faculty - College of Science 2015 885-7137
James England Faculty - College of Agriculture & Life Sciences 2014 (208) 454-8657
Janet Rachlow Faculty - College of Natural Resources 2016 885-9328
Madison Powell Faculty - At Large 2015 208-837-9096
Audrey Harris Manager, Laboratory Animal Research Facility Standing Member 885-6187
Lori Ammons Community Member 2014 509-332-6989
Bradley Williams Campus Veterinarian Standing Member 885-8958
 Non-Voting Members
Terra DuBois Research Compliance Officer Standing Member 885-6580

Name Affiliation End of Term Phone E-mail
Mark McGuire Faculty - At Large 2016 885-7683
Tracy Davis Faculty - College of Agriculture & Life Sciences 2014 885-5189
Vacant College of Natural Resources
Luke Harmon Faculty - College of Science 2015 885-0346
Amanda Schachtschneider
Animal Lab Assistant Standing Member 885-6187
Steven Russell Veterinarian Standing Member 885-8958 Not Available