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The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) ensures the humane care and use of animals in teaching and research at the University of Idaho by:
  • Reviewing requests to use vertebrate animals in teaching, research, and demonstrations
  • Reviewing the UI's animal care program
  • Inspecting animal facilities for compliance with animal welfare and occupational health standards
  • Providing training to faculty, staff, and students on the humane care and use of vertebrate animals
  • Making recommendations to the Vice President for Research and Economic Development regarding the care of experimental animals
  • Investigating any concerns raised regarding the care and use of animals within the University
See APM Chapter 45.1 for a detailed description of IACUC functions.

Committee Meetings
The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) meets on the third Thursday of the month during the Spring 2015 semester. Meeting dates and times may vary during months with holidays and busy faculty schedules. Should you wish to attend the meeting please contact the Office of Research Assurances (208-885-6162) to verify the meeting time and date.
Members are appointed to three year terms by the Institutional Official (IO). To provide the necessary expertise and continuity members may serve successive terms with reappointment by the IO.

The committee is composed of not less than seven voting members including:
  • The Campus Veterinarian
  • The Office of Research Assurances Manager
  • The Manager of the Laboratory Animal Research Facility
  • A public member who is not employed by the UI, is not a laboratory animal user, is not an immediate family member of an individual affiliated with the UI, and is not a practicing scientist experienced in research involving animals
  • One member of the faculty or staff with responsibilities involving the utilization of animals in teaching or research from each of the following:
      • The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences,
      • The College of Natural Resources,
      • The College of Science, 
  • One member at large.

The public member/non-scientist position may be fulfilled by two individuals at the discretion of the IO. Alternates that meet the criteria for each of the specified positions may be appointed by the IO. The Chief Research Compliance Officer serves as a standing member without vote.

The IO may remove and replace a committee member at any time when the IO has determined that the member is unwilling or unable to perform committee member functions.