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Why Comply?

In today’s world of research regulations and policies there are changes on a seemingly daily basis. Given that research resources are limited and competition is fierce, quality, regulatory compliant research is a key to success. Listed below are some reasons why the Office of Research Assurances would like to work with you on ensuring that your research is compliant with today's policies.

Compliance Can Save You Money & Make You Money

  • Following compliant processes from the beginning helps eliminate the possibility of lost time and delays or the possibility of missing an application or funding deadline.
  • Providing training on appropriate safety measures shows your staff and students that you care. It also protects the health and well being of all who visit or work in the facility.
  • Responsible Conduct of Research training protects the integrity of your research.
  • When appropriate committee approvals are not obtained before research activities are started you may not be able to use the data from your research in a publication or dissertation.
  • When appropriate committee approvals are not sought for funded research you may lose the funding for the research and may jeopardize the ability of others at the institution to obtain grants or gain approvals for research.

Your Reputation Depends On It
  • Developing a reputation for quality research provides more funding and career opportunities.
  • People are attracted to laboratories where responsible quality research practices are employed.
  • People are likely to stay longer and be more productive in an ethically responsible research environment.

Legally Required
  • Noncompliance with regulations can result in:
    • A loss of funding for the investigator, the college and the University.
    • A monetary fine for both the investigator and the University.
    • The loss of research privileges for the entire institution.
    • A jail sentence.