Research Activities that include recombinant DNA, infectious agents or Select Agents and Toxins (IBC)

Services We Provide

  • Answer Biosafety research questions
  • Provide approvals for protocols that include recombinant DNA, infectious agents or Select Agents & Toxin activities
  • Provide assistance with Job Hazard Analyses, Biosafety Risk Assessments, and Biosafety Manual development
  • Provide written determination upon request for activities that do not require IBC oversight, e.g.:
      • No recombinant DNA, infectious agent or Select Agents or Toxins involved in the research
      • By policy USDA deregulated transgenic item field plantings do not require IRB oversight (VP for Research Memo dated June 24, 2009). Written determination not required.
      • Activities that require OSHA Blood Borne Pathogen oversight only due to the POTENTIAL presence of a blood borne pathogen. Oversight for these activities is provided through EH&S for the University of Idaho, e.g.:
          • Blood draws from healthy human subjects, or undiagnosed individuals.
          • Work with established cell lines provided these are classified as Risk Group 1 agents and do not include other infectious agents, recombinant DNA (such as transgenic cell lines) or Select Agent & Toxins activities
      • Work with biologically derived chemicals only that are not included on the Select Agents & Toxins list or are kept at levels below the regulated amounts. EH&S provides Laboratory Safety Plans to include Chemical Hygiene Plans for these activities. Written determination required only for work with toxins listed on the Select Agent and Toxins list.
  • Provide facility reviews
  • Provide Biosafety and Select Agent Training
  • Provide an anonymous reporting mechanism for research assurance concerns
Institutional Biosafety Committee
Assuring the safe use and handling of biological materials, including recombinant DNA molecules at all University facilities.
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