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  • How do I submit modification requests to a protocol that was not approved in the portal?
    You will still submit revisions to existing protocols using this form (can you make a link to the form that I have also attached?) Email the modification request form to for review.
  • What is the process for protocols that were submitted and approved before the portal was required?
    Expiration/renewal notices will still be sent via email outside of the portal. If you reach the end of the 3 year limit then you will be required to resubmit using the portal if you with to continue this project. Modification requests should be submitted to with the word document.
  • Does the review process take longer in the portal?
    No, the review process should be the same. Exempt protocols are usually reviewed in 1-4 days and non-exempt protocols usually take 5-15 days as they need to be reviewed by multiple reviewers. Sometimes the review process may take a little longer because the reviewers may be busy and not able to get to the application right away. The form says 6-8 weeks as a buffer in case the protocol is determined to be more the minimal risk and requires Full Board Review. The IRB committee only meets once per month.
  • Does the portal spell check what I type into the text boxes?
    No, you must click on the spell check icon located above the text box. This is the top middle icon with ABC and a check mark. The icon has a dropdown menu that will allow you Enable SCAYT which will check spelling as you go or you can Check Spelling after you are finished typing all of your text. You must do this for each text box that you use.
  • How do I specify if my project should be reviewed as Exempt or Non-Exempt (Expedited)?
    There is an Exempt checklist that will help guide you through the process. If your project is Exempt then you will not check any boxes in this checklist and continue to fill in the information below the checklist. If you check any of the boxes in the checklist then the Exempt form will disappear and you will see the Non-Exempt form when you click Next. If you would like your protocol to be reviewed as Non-Exempt even if it fits criteria for exemption then click the first box in bold.
  • I am having trouble adding personnel, what am I doing wrong?
    You must fill out the application and click SAVE before you can add personnel. The portal needs to have something in the system to add personnel to. Once you have filled out the form and get to the main protocol screen you will see the personnel tab below the protocol information. Your information is automatically associated with the project if you are the one who fills out the form and will be highlighted in orange. This is to notify you that you need to set your role on the project. Click on the edit button above the orange area to change your role from “pending/undefined” to the appropriate role. Students cannot be the Primary Investigator and must add a faculty sponsor as the PI.