University Non-Faculty Classification and Compensation Study Launched

Monday, September 17 2012

From: Greg Walters, executive director for Human Resources

Our ability to recruit and retain quality talent requires a competitive and equitable compensation program that reflects our culture and work environment. That’s why our compensation program should be externally competitive, internally equitable, regularly updated, better understood and financially responsible. However, this requires a review of our current practices.
To this end, a university-wide, non-faculty classification and compensation study has begun.

There are many good reasons to conduct this review or “study” at this time. These include the following:

- Providing the information necessary to make policies and processes more equitable and understandable.

- Creating a classification system that will group positions performing work at similar levels. This will allow us to fairly evaluate our compensation levels compared to relevant labor markets and put a plan in place to make adjustments and improvements in the coming years with respect to both external and internal equity. Our current system is largely unmanageable because there are too many individual job classifications and the system for exempt staff no longer exists.

- Producing updated job descriptions that better reflect the work performed, and in some cases, creating a logical career path within a particular type of work.

- Improve our ability to recruit and retain professional talent.

After completing a review of proposals and extensive interviews with several professional consulting firms, the University has engaged Sibson Consulting (a nationally recognized human resources consulting firm specializing in higher education) to assist with this project.

Sibson Consulting will begin their work with the Classification and Compensation Task Force later this week.
Human Resources will communicate project status updates and additional information and tasks through multiple communication channels including conversations. HR will also continue to update Faculty Senate and Staff Affairs. We anticipate an implementation of the new classification and compensation systems on July 1, 2013. Stay tuned.