Universal Waste Lamp Disposal

Friday, December 6 2013

In case you missed it, Environmental Health & Safety has implemented a new procedure for the collection of spent fluorescent lamps. If you generate fluorescent lamps and are not aware of the new procedure, please call EHS for a collection container for your lamps today. For more detailed information, access the EHS website at: www.uidaho.edu/public-safety-and-security/environmental-health-and-safety

The new universal waste lamp collection procedure differs from the old procedure in that EHS will supply generators of lamps with properly labeled and dated containers to accumulate fluorescent tubes. Lamps will automatically be collected campus wide by EHS every six months; so there no need to notify EHS to collect your container (unless it fills up before six months). If your container fills up before six months, call EHS at 885-6524 to schedule a collection and receive an empty container.