U-Idaho Trademark Usage for Campus Entities

Monday, March 25 2013

After feedback from our internal constituents, we have made some important modifications to our trademark usage policy for the university community. Products, including those items sold to a university-owned entity, are generally subject to royalty fees if a UI trademark is utilized. A royalty waiver can be requested by filling out the Merchandise Order Form found at: www.uidaho.edu/advancement/departments/trademark/campus-use/merchandiseorderrequest. Each request will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The general criteria taken into consideration being; the items must be produced for internal use, purchased with U-Idaho funds and include either the specific campus unit or the event the item is promoting. All other uses of trademarks on products are subject to royalties including sales for fundraising projects, thank you gifts for a donation and sales to individual members of an organization. For the full text of the Trademark Use Policy go please visit: www.uidaho.edu/advancement/departments/trademark/policiesandguidelines