Seeking Winter Alternative Service Break 2014/15 Advisors

Monday, August 25 2014

The Alternative Service Break (ASB) program gives students a chance to challenge themselves and inequalities while developing as leaders. Students come together to help communities across the United States and internationally through service grounded in social justice issues such as: rural and urban poverty, white flight, access to housing and health care, homelessness, food insecurity, sustainability, education reform, and disaster recovery. Begun in 2001, the ASB program has seen immense growth- initially following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. As of fall 2014, University of Idaho ASB teams have served in over 25 states and 11 countries.

Each trip has a leadership team consisting of one or two Faculty/Staff Advisor(s) and one or two Student Leader(s). ASB prides itself in being student led, and in this way doubles as an incredible leadership opportunity for students beyond the service experience. The Advisor plays a crucial role in assisting in student development, managing finances, and maintaining risk management policies. While this may seem like a large undertaking, it is a smaller role in regards to task requirements, but large in reward. The Advisor takes a back seat to the Student Leader(s), and is a part of the trip in order to support this leader.

As an Advisor you would be able to participate in this program free of cost. You will have an opportunity to create close connections to students, and work with them as a team to better themselves and a new community. Only full-time, benefits-eligible staff and faculty are eligible to apply. The deadline to apply is Sunday, September 14th. We encourage you to apply for this opportunity at, and if you have any further questions about the ASB program or Advisor role please do not hesitate to contact Natalie Magnus at (208) 885-2237 or