Prabhakaran selected to attend the LANSCE Neutron Scattering School

Monday, July 12 2010

Ramprashad Prabhakaran, a Ph.D. (Materials Science and Engineering) Candidate, has been selected to attend the LANSCE Neutron Scattering School, Los Alamos, NM (Aug 4-13). Prabhakaran's advisor is Dr. Indrajit Charit.

The Neutron School is supported by the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy-Office of Basic Energy Sciences. The Neutron School is tuition-free and assistance for travel, lodging and subsistence is available to him.

The focus of the 2010 Neutron School at the Los Alamos National Laboratory is Structural Materials. Lectures will be presented by world recognized experts in the field and will span all levels from the introductory concepts (neutron scattering basics, deformation, stress analysis and crystallography) to the neutron diffraction studies specific to certain classes of materials (minerals, ceramics, metals, amorphous materials). Real-life applications of Neutron Scattering will be presented by the leading researchers, illustrating how neutron scattering provides insight into structural materials.

The lectures will be complemented by hands-on experiments using Lujan Neutron Instruments. Data involving the high and low temperature, pressure, and stress-induced phase transformations will be analyzed and students will leave the school with the knowledge to identify structural materials related problems that can be solved with Neutron Scattering.