Natural Resources Fisheries Professor Benefits Midwest’s Paddlefish Conservation

Thursday, November 17 2011

On Nov. 7, Professor Dennis Scarnecchia, the leading paddlefish expert in the nation, delivered a presentation to the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission in Oklahoma City explaining the significance of ongoing research and stock assessment in sustaining that state's paddlefish fishery. This ancient species of the Missouri and Mississippi River basins is closely related to sturgeon and is a source of highly valued caviar. Scarnecchia has been working with Oklahoma biologists on the state’s paddlefish program since 2004, on similar stock assessment research continuously in Montana since 1991 and in North Dakota since 1993. Research results from all three states recently were presented at the World Sturgeon Conservation Society meeting in Nanaimo, British Columbia, where Scarnecchia also was invited to present a national status overview for the paddlefish.