Municipal Solid Waste Proper Disposal Guidelines – Fall 2014

Monday, August 25 2014

As many of you know already, the University has gone to a tow unit/compactor system for handling our Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) generated here on campus. Over the past 2 years we have gotten excellent results with this system. One issue though needs to be reiterated.

MSW is defined as any solid waste produced, other than hazardous, infectious or unacceptable waste. Unacceptable waste or waste not allowed in tow units at the University of Idaho includes any hazardous or infectious materials (ie, blood, body wastes, paints, spray cans, liquids, toxic substances, pesticides, oils, chemicals etc.) Other unacceptable waste includes furniture, metals, electronic waste, wood, and construction debris. For items of these natures either Environmental Safety & Health (5-6524) or RSSW (Recycling/Surplus Solid Waste) (5-2091) will need to be contacted for proper disposal of these unacceptable items.

Please pass this information along to any new staff members as well, so that they are aware of our need to separate out these various waste streams.

If you have any questions contact the RSSW team at 885-2091 or email us at