Linda Taylor

Monday, November 30 2009

Linda Taylor, assistant professor of counseling and school psychology and educational leadership, gave presentations at two symposia in Romania. On Oct. 16, at the National Symposium: Characteristics of Creativity in Modern Education in Ploiesti, Prahova, Romania, she presented “Measuring Teaching Effectiveness of Creative Thinking Skills in Romanian Schools." On Oct. 31 at the International Symposium: Creativity and Critical Thinking in Arad, Romania, she presented “New Information on the Development of Creative Thinking in Romanian Schools." Taylor also gave two presentations in September at the European Conference on Education Research in Vienna, Austria: "Research Partnerships in Education: Creative Thinking in Romania" and "Creative Intelligence: Qualitative, Quantitative or Mixed Methods?" Her research, “Learning Outcome-based Assessment in Counseling and School Psychology Courses: In Pursuit of Active Assessment,” has been accepted to be presented at the American Educational Research Association Conference in Denver in spring 2010.