Join the UI power-based violence Speaker's Bureau

Wednesday, September 3 2014

Interpersonal violence affects each one of us. Research demonstrates that reaching out through sharing personal stories is a powerful way to engage individuals and inspire social change. In that spirit, our UI Violence Prevention Programs coordinates a Speaker’s Bureau comprised of survivors of sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking and child abuse as well as individuals who have been touched by these crimes through family and/or friends.

Training and ongoing support will be provided to Speaker’s Bureau members, who will be asked to share their stories and perspectives at a variety of outreach events and in classroom and training settings on campus and in the community.

All students, staff and faculty are invited to join our effort to create social change through removing the stigma associated with interpersonal violence.

Contact Virginia Solan at 885-0688 or email for more about this and/or other projects the Violence Prevention Programs Office is coordinating, and how to get involved. Or contact us to schedule a Speaker's Bureau visit to your classroom or for your event. For more information visit